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Activity Planner

The activity planner is a complement for LAMS 2.3. It will be a separate website that teachers/instructors can use to generate sequences they can then use in their own LAMS servers


Activity Planner Documentation

The User Documentation for the Activity Planner is here.

|lamsdocs:Activity Planner]
There are two parts of the activity/pedagogical planner.

  1. Wizard that to find the right sequence template
  2. The actual Activity planner editor

The wizard allows a teacher to browse thru an ontology to find the right sequence she need. The ontology tree ends up in a sequence, and that's when the Activity planner editor kicks in.

The Activity planner editor is an alternative authoring view of LAMS sequences. It gives a teacher a cut-down and simplified version of authoring presenting most of the content for all the activities that are part of the sequence in one page.

Original mockups

These are the first mockups we created to represent what we are after. As you can see, the first there pages is the "wizard" like process that you would go thru to arrive to the sequence. The "wizard" walks you thru the ontology.

Proposed UI

Activity editor

This is the proposed User Interface for the Activity planner editor.


We need an easy way to create ontologies. We must have support for unlimited number of levels for the ontologies. The last nodes in the ontologies have a "template sequence" attached.

An ontology node can only have one parent node.

Wizard Mockups

Further work

  • it would be nice for each teacher to have an interface to create its own ontologies/wizards, import and export them to exchange them with other teachers.
  • a place to share these exported ontologies (perhaps on the LAMS Community?)
  • a place for people to view/preview each other's ontologies (perhaps on the LAMS Community?)