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What is the Adaptive eLearning Platform


It is recognized that an obstacle to driving Intelligent Learning Environments (ILE’s) into mainstream adoption by the teaching community, is the lack of teachers support through the entire ILE process: Design, Development, Deployment, Reflection and Adaptation. Although research has been done on supporting teachers through design to deployment of ILEs, mainly through the advent of authoring environments, there is surprisingly little discussion about support for teachers’ Reflection - the ability to draw conclusions from ILEs usage, and Adaptation - adapting the content to better meet the needs of students.

Another problem in existing e-learning systems and authoring tools have several limitations in respect of support provided and usability, and cannot accommodate the needs of teachers who increasingly look for more intelligent services and support when designing instruction.

The Adaptive eLearning Platform (AeLP) is a complete, web based solution for authoring Adaptive Tutorials, deploying them to students, monitoring student progress, and analyzing student behaviour.

An Adaptive Tutorial is an interactive, online learning activity that intelligently adapts to student knowledge level based on a live analysis of interaction data and performance. Adaptive Tutorials are authored in the AeLP's Authoring Environment and are deployed to students by either embedding them into any LMS, or contextualizing them in LAMS Activities. Adaptive Tutorials foster 3 levels of adaptation:

  • Adaptive Feedback - when a student working on an Adaptive Tutorial makes a mistake, the Adaptive eLearning Platforms offers intelligent feedback, specific to the error made, and guides them towards a correct answer.
  • Adaptive Sequencing - if the students is still struggling with understanding a concept, the aelp offers just in time instructional scaffolding, adapting the activity sequence to the learner’s needs.
  • Reflection and Adaptation - teachers are provided with analysis tools that enable reflection and adaptation of their content. By analyzing students behavior, teachers can refine and adapt their content, to better meet the needs of their students

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