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Assessment tool

Heavily based on Moodle's Quiz tool . This tool is part of the LAMS v2.3 release

Until LAMS 2.2, the only real assessment tool we have is MCQ and it has limited support for feedback as well as different question types.

A teacher should be able to use the assessment tool to create questions to measure the skills or knowledge of students.

The teacher should be able to view the marks attained by each students. The teachers should also be able to modify the marks that a student has got manually.

Teachers should be able to create Assessments and then add questions to these assessments.


Assessments are instances of tests that a teacher creates.

The assessments can have:

  • A time limitation, so students have a set number of minutes they can have to complete an attempt.
  • the questions listed in one page or a set number of question per page (ranging from "All in one page", 10, 9, ...., 1).
  • Shuffle question (boolean)
  • number of allow students attempts (ranging from "unlimited", 6, 5... to 1)
  • Overall feedback according to attempt result
  • Allow students to see overall feedback after each question (boolean)
  • Allow students to see question feedback after each question (boolean)
  • Allow students to see right/wrong answers (boolean)
  • Allow students to see grades at the end of each attempt
  • Notify teacher after student completes attempt


The assessment tool should support the following question types:

  • Choice (only 1 answer)
  • Multiple choice (1 or more answers)
  • Matching pairs
  • Fill the gap
  • Short answer
  • Numerical
  • True/False
  • Essay
  • Ordering (suggested by Karen Basket)

According to the question types, the assessment can be done automatically by the tool or manually assigned by the teacher.

All questions types, whenever possible should provide feedback for correct and incorrect answers.

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