LAMS on Blackberries

The wife just got a Blackberry from her work (I wish the boss would give me one too!) and I couldn't help but to test whether LAMS would work in its browser. The default Blackberry browser didn't work with LAMS very well as I couldn't get pass the login screen. So I searched online and found out that Opera has a browser for the Blackberries too.

Opera Mini is a great browser for all small devices and phones. What I really like about is the way it shows you a minimize version of the whole page and then you can zoom in into the part that you like (this is the same with the iPhone's default browser as well). This is extremely convenient. In addition, Opera in itself is perhaps the best browser.

So I managed to login and get to the index page without any problems. I was able to see all the cool ajax we have added to sort out the pages in the course page without any problems. I was able to expand and collapse course without any problems.

Using the Flashless interface worked without any problems as well as you can see in the pictures. The progress bar shows perfectly fine as well.

Tested on March 24, 2008

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