Building LAMS 3.1

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Building LAMS 3.1

LAMS 3.1 has been released in December 2018!

See LAMS 3.1 Feature List and Release Notes

Compiling and installing LAMS from source is actually pretty straight forward. Here's the list of steps:

  1. Install required software
    This is the software we use to compile and build LAMS
  2. Get LAMS source
    The LAMS source code
  3. Compile LAMS
    Tasks to compile LAMS from source

Required software

This is the software you need to compile/build LAMS:

Getting LAMS source

Source code lives in GitHub

Ensure that you use the master branch for LAMS 3.1:

LAMS 3.1 branch in GitHub is master.

Compile LAMS

Pre-compilation tasks

Make sure you create a database for LAMS in MySQL

There's just a few system settings to adjust before you compile.


Change the osPropertiesName according to the OS you are building LAMS on:

# which o/s related property file do you want? valid values "windows" or "unix"

If using Windows, now edit the file. If using Unix: and adjust the path and settings according to your configuration

# Path to jboss directory:

Also in change the database settings according to what you used to create the LAMS db in MySQL

#======== DATABASE PROPERTIES =========

Now you should be ready to compile LAMS. In lams_build, using your console run:

ant deploy-lams

That should compile LAMS and all its tools.

Starting LAMS

After it finishes compiling, go to you wildfly-14.0.1/bin folder and execute (unix) or standalone.bat (windows) to start LAMS. Then point your browser to http://localhost:8080/lams/ and you should be able to see the LAMS login page.

Default users

There's a few testing users to get you started:

User Access password
sysadmin System Administrator sysadmin
test1 Author, Monitor and Learner test1
test2 Author, Monitor and Learner test2
test3 Author, Monitor and Learner test3
test4 Author, Monitor and Learner test4

Need more? Login as sysadmin and head to the sysadmin menu.

LAMS license

LAMS is released under the GPL license version 2,

Need help or troubleshooting?

Just post a message in the Issues in GitHub

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