Conditional lesson release

Conditional Lesson release allows you to keep learners from accessing certain lessons before others have been completed. It allows Teachers and Instructors to apply the sequential logic of LAMS Sequences and apply them to entire lessons.

  Video Tutorial
Click to view a video tutorial of how to set up Conditional Lesson Release.

You can view and edit Lesson Conditions by clicking Conditions to the right of each lesson title.

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Creating New Conditions.

First, you will need to have added TWO lessons to your group — you can only create conditions for lessons after you have launched them.

Next, click the Conditions button on the lesson that you want to appear as the second in the series.

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In this example, I am setting things up so that Lesson 1 must be completed before Lesson 2

In the popup that appears, the drop-down box lists all of the active lessons in the group (or sub-group.) Select the lesson that must be completed first (In this case, lesson one.) and then click "Add Lesson"

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The condition will now appear in the list:

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You can also create more complex conditions by requiring multiple sequences to be selected before a third or fourth sequence becomes available. Simply repeat the process until you have added all of the prerequisite lessons.

Learner's Experience

When the learner visits the group page, they will only see the first lesson, like so:

Once the first lesson has been completed, the Learner will recieve feedback that shows that new lessons have become available:

And they can now access the new lessons from their Groups screen:


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