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This category covers the LAMS core components, and the services made available to tools.

LAMS Core has four major modules:




Teacher's Authoring Interface (Flash)


Teacher's Monitoring interface (Flash)


Admin and Sysadmin interfaces to manage tools configuration data and users (JSPs)


Run-time (Progress Engine)

Note: In the following descriptions, <basepath> is normally http://<host>:<port>/lams. Individual sites may be able to modify this site using JBOSS configuration files, so none of the base path can be hard coded.

Core Components
CVS Module lams_common: Becomes lams.jar file. Will not contain any web components. Contains the classes that match to the core tables in the database, the really core functionality (e.g validation of learning designs, import/export) and general utility classes.

CVS Module lams_central: Becomes lams_central.jar (if needed) and lams_central.war. Will contain all the shared web components, including stylesheets, gifs, JavaScript files, etc. URL: <basepath>/lams_central e.g. http://<server>:<port>/lams/. Also supports the authoring client and the user workspace functionality.

CVS Module lams_admin: Becomes lams_admin.jar and lams_admin.war. Will contain all classes and web components relating to user administration and system administration. URL: <basepath>/lams_admin.

CVS Module lams_learning: Becomes lams_learning.jar and lams_learning.war file. Will contain all the class and web components relating to learner interface, including the progress engine. URL: <basepath>/lams_learning.

CVS Module lams_monitoring: Becomes lams_monitoring.jar and lams_monitoring.war file. Will contain all the class and web components relating to monitor interface. URL: <basepath>/lams_monitoring.

CVS Module lams_contentrepository: Becomes lams_contentrepository.jar. Will contains all the classes relating to the content repository. There is an option to build a war file but this is for demonstration purposes only and will not be used in production.

CVS Module lams_journal: Will contains all the classes relating to the journal. Yet to be developed.

CVS Module lams_chat_server: Will contains all the classes relating to the chat server. Yet to be developed.

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