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LAMS 2.0 Continuous Integration

For development of LAMS 2.0 we have implemented a continuous build process using CruiseControl, a continous integration toolkit.

Every 30 minutes the CVS repository is checked for any modifications to registered projects since the last build time.

Build Results

Results from LAMS 2.0 builds can be viewed using the CruiseControl web application - see

Clicking on the above link will show you the build process status page.
Click on "lams_build" to view the Build Results page. All the build log details will be presented.
The logs for each build can be found as an XML file in the working directory /export/work/cruise/logs on Shaun.
For every successful build Artifacts are produced, and stored in the working directory /export/work/cruise/artifacts/lams_build on Shaun.
Artifacts can be downloaded via the "Build Artifacts" link on the Build Results page.

View All Build Artifacts

Control Instructions

Using a Control Panel you are able to pause/resume the build process and force a build.

Go to the Control Panel:

Under the "Operations" heading, click the Invoke button for the desired operation: resume, pause, build
After invoking a resume/pause operation, return to the page to check the project's Paused read-only attributed.
After invoking a build operation, return to the page to check the project's status attribute or similiarly the project's status homepage.

Adding a New Project

To add a new project i.e. a Tool to the LAMS 2.0 build process complete the following steps:

1. Checkout Project from CVS
At the Unix command line:

  • cvs login (note: CVSROOT should be set to
  • cd /export/work/cruise/checkout
  • cvs checkout {project name}

2. Update Config

  • edit config.xml located in the working directory /export/work/cruise
  • add the cvs element (below) as a child of the modificationset element in config.xml
    <modificationset quietperiod="60">
        <cvs localworkingcopy="checkout/{project name}"/>

The project will now be picked up in the next build.
Note: CruiseControl does not need to be restart.

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