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Date Restrictions on Lessons

Just as we implemented Date and Time restrictions on activities, teacher can also set expiry dates on lessons.

To use this, once you have created a lesson, click on the conditional button:

On the heading that says "Lesson does not have a fixed number days to finish", you can specify the number of days that this lesson will be available to learners. Note that once this time has lapsed, the lesson will not longer show to the learners.

Additionally, you can specify a relative date rather than an absolute. If you click on the "Individual and not for the entire group" checkbox, this will mean that the time expiration time will be relative to the moment in which the learner first started the lesson. So id the Student #1 started on May 1st, then his expiry date will 5 days after that. If Student #2 commence the lesson on May 7th, his expiry date will be May 12th.

Coming up soon...

Very soon we'll have an option to se these date restrictions when you create the lesson as well.

Date Restrictions on Activities

You can also place Date Restrictions on specific activities.