How to set up JAAS in LAMS

1.Config jboss-web.xml, the name after /jaas/ must be same with application-policy name in login-config.xml, and it is case-sensitive!!!

2. Config login-config.xml, which locates in ${JBOSS}/server/conf or ${JBOSS}/server/default/conf

3.In authentication.xml

4.So, in mysql-ds.xml, which locate in ${JBOSS}/server/default/ folder, will have such definition for Data source will implement interface
6.In login.jsp

7. To share JAAS across multip web application in one host. Adding following line in server.xml for Tomcat container. This file usually locate in ${JBOSS}/server/default/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat55.sar. For more detail please refer to

8. For web.xml (simliar for ejb-jar.xml), usually like this:

9. For LAMS system special configuration in web.xml, need add a listener:

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