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Since 2.3.5 we embedded a SVG/PNG image generator into LAMS so whenever a sequence is exported, we create an image representation of the design (exact as the one you get in authoring) in PNG and SVG.

When creating the PNG version, we need to embed the tools images into it, so when adding a tool to LAMS, a png version of its tool image needs to be put it:

  • \lams_central\web\images\svg\ folder

The image name has to be exact same one as the tool image .swf. For instance if Share resources image is icon_rsrc.swf, the image in the lams_central\web\images\svg folder must be icon_rsrc.png.

Additionally, for sequences of this type uploaded into the LAMS Central Repository, we need to add these images to the LAMS Community website under:

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