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This is a manual integration example that would hopefully help you to create an integration with LAMS quickly.

First, I created an integration server in LAMS (login as sysadmin and then go to the syadmin menu) with these settings:

Obviously, change the URLS according to yours.

Open author

Creates a user, the course, adds the user as author into it and then redirects the user directly to the Author UI

Prepare hash: [ts + uid + method + serverID + serverKey]
sha1(1roger01authorlmslms) = 2694cbe4a627b9798824453e65d0f13f8dc1f5e3

URL: http://lams-server/lams/LoginRequest?uid=roger01&ts=1&sid=lms&method=author&courseid=123&firstName=Roger&lastName=Moore&

open LAMS author, create a sequence called "Some sequence" and saved

Get learning designs for roger01

Prepare hash: [timestamp + username + serverID + serverKey]

sha1(1roger01lmslms) = a8c722c31ac21e719145d15febf6df246ea16d16




Shows me all the lessons available for Roger to create lessons. You can see "Some sequence" within Roger Moore's personal folder.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Folder name="My Workspace">
   <Folder name="Roger Moore">
      <LearningDesign name="Some sequence" resourceId="2173" />
   <Folder name="My Courses">
      <Folder name="lms_lola">
         <Folder name="lms_lola Run Sequences" />
   <Folder name="Public Folder">
      <LearningDesign name="11" resourceId="264" />
      <LearningDesign name="bbb" resourceId="318" />
      <LearningDesign name="map_sequence" resourceId="2169" />
      <LearningDesign name="map_sequence_2" resourceId="2170" />
      <LearningDesign name="map_sequence_3" resourceId="2171" />
      <LearningDesign name="multiple leaders" resourceId="2065" />
      <LearningDesign name="Sample Activity" resourceId="2151" />
      <LearningDesign name="Test1" resourceId="1482" />
      <LearningDesign name="Τηλεδιάσεκεψη" resourceId="324" />
      <Folder name="ABC">
         <LearningDesign name="123" resourceId="203" />
         <LearningDesign name="44" resourceId="205" />

Start a lesson

Prepare hash: [timestamp + username + serverID + serverKey]

sha1(1roger01lmslms) = a8c722c31ac21e719145d15febf6df246ea16d16




The lessonId ready to be used

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Lesson lessonId="1537" />

Jump into monitor to this lesson

Jump into this lesson as learner (using learnerStrictAuth method)

Roger goes into the lesson as learner. Note that learnerStrictAuth is only available for LAMS 2.5+

Prepare hash: [ts + uid + method + lsId +serverID + serverKey]

sha1(1roger01learnerstrictauth1537lmslms) = 109cf9886c6fcb926a29a6d10d217de7c524016d




Open Learner UI

Jump into this lesson as a new learner (using learner method)

This will create the user, added to the course and also the lesson as leaner. Note that this method works with 2.4 and 2.5+

Prepare hash: [ts + uid + method +serverID + serverKey]

sha1(1daniel007learnerlmslms) = c86882105c7db67e438be44919e6113fa17b4596




Open Learner UI, creates the user, adds it to the course and lesson just as leaner.

Jump in this lesson as a new Monitor (just for kicks (smile)

Prepare hash:

sha1(1sean007monitor1537lmslms) = bbbf4b5f8b63291ee10c32d7e9181024d2326fa7




Opens Monitor UI. You can see on the sequence tab that there's two students (Roger and Daniel)

I think by now you pretty much get the idea how the integration works and how to get all the other API calls to work.

Quick tips

If you've got any further questions, please post them in the Tech Forums in the LAMS Community.