Intel Classmate 1st Generation

Intel Classmate

About a week and a half ago, we met the Intel Classmate fellows that come from Shanghai to talk about getting LAMS into the Intel Classmate.

Justin Lipman gave us two of the Intel Classmates to run some tests. One is 1st Generation Classmate and the other one 2nd Generation (see review).

On this review I focus on the 1st Generation Classmate which came with Windows XP installed.

1st Generation Classmate

LAMS on the 1st Gen Classmate with Windows XP works just like your normal Windows XP desktop. I installed Firefox and the Flash Player and without having to reboot, I was able to get to a LAMS server and start testing. All Author, Monitor and Learner interface worked without a problem. Authoring and Monitor might take up to 3 seconds to load, but then its responsiveness is fine.

For learners, the full Flash Learner interface works no problem as well as the Flashless interface too!

Final Verdict: So you can run the full LAMS experience on the Intel Classmate (1st Generation) with Win XP straight out of the box!

Tested on 14 May 2008

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