Intel Classmate 2nd Generation

Intel Classmate

About a week and a half ago, we met the Intel Classmate fellows that come from Shanghai to talk about getting LAMS into the Intel Classmate.

Justin Lipman gave us two of the Intel Classmates to run some tests. One is 1st Generation Classmate and the other one 2nd Gen.

On this review I focus on the 2nd Generation Classmate which originally came with Windows XP but I then installed Edubuntu 8.04.

2nd Generation Classmate

I installed Edubuntu 8.04 directly from the image provided by the Ubuntu fellows. The instructions are very simple and the whole process was a breeze. It's very nice how all features of the Classmate just work with Edubuntu. It took 30 seconds to set up the wireless, 1 minute to install the Flash Player and I was ready to test LAMS.

As you can see in the picture gallery, the 2nd Gen Classmate with Edubuntu works perfectly fine. All Flash interfaces worked within glitches. I even managed to create a several level deep Branching sequence! The speed and responsiveness of the Flash interfaces (one of my original concerns) was more than acceptable as it loads fairly quick.

Running the full flash Learner interface works no problem as well as the Flashless interface too!

Final Verdict: So you can run the full LAMS experience on the Intel Classmate with Edubuntu 8.04 straight out of the box!

Tested on 13 May 2008

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