LAMS 2.1 Feature List

LAMS 2.1 Feature List

LAMS 2.1 has been released (19 June 2008)

See Release Notes and Downloads for installers and upgraders

Roadmap for general information on the next release release.
See Animated Tutorials for demonstration. Also you can sign up for a demo account at the LAMS Demo server.

General features

Feature Description Demo
Branching and conditions Ability to direct learners to different branches according to output of a previews activity, group they belong to or teacher selection Animations and Instructions
Sequences within Optional In LAMS 2.0.x teachers could only put single activities within Optionals. This mean that learners could only choose one activity within Optionals. Now in 2.1, teachers can add not only one activity but sequences of activities instead! [Animations and Instructions]
Flashless Learner interface Now learners can choose to use a lighter and fast learner environment so it can use in a large variety of mobile devices Animation
Rearrange lessons in the course page Now teachers and monitors are able to rearrange the order of the lessons in the course page just by dragging and dropping them in the place they want their learners to see them Animation
Display completion status When learners complete a lesson a new tick image shows next to the lesson name in the course page to indicate its completion status [Learner's Guide]
Preview sequences from integrated LMS When LAMS is integrated with other LMS, now teachers can preview sequences before they add them to their LMS Course
New FCKEditor We have upgraded to a newer version of the online HTML Editor FCKEditor which has lots of new features and performance improvements More info
New integrations 2.1 integrates with Moodle, .LRN, Sakai, WebCT 6 (aka Blackboard 6), Microsoft SharePoint and Blackboard 7.x Documentation

Authoring Environment

This system module provides the interface for author sequences and teachers to create sequences of activities and set their parameters.

Feature Description Demo
Embed video and audio in activities Now you can add video and audio to all your LAMS activities [Demo]
Name groupings Sequence Authors can now give custom names to Groups in Grouping Objects Animation
Sequences within optional activities Authors can now create Sequences of activities as part of an Optional Activity Animation
Insert/Merge Insert and merge sequences in Author! Animation

Monitor Environment

Feature Description Demo
Pagination for learner's view Now the learner's tab in monitor presents the list of learners in pages rather than a long massive list Image
Live Edit From 2.0.4 onwards, you can modify a running design directly from monitor Animation

Administration Environment

Feature Description Demo
New learner picker Administrators can find learners just by typing their details in a box
Improved group management interface It is now easier to add/remove users from a course/group
Improve user creation using spreadsheet Upload users using the spreadsheet much faster
LDAP Integration LAMS can now be integrated with an LDAP server
Shibbolized LAMS LAMS can now be used as part of a Shibboleth federation Demo

Activity tools

Activity Tool Name Tool Type Description Demo
Task List New Tool! A checklist tool so the teacher can set up tasks for students to do Documentation
Submit Files
Share Resources
Monitors can now Edit activities even after Learners have completed them. Previous versions of LAMS did not allow you to change an activities content if any learners accessed them.
This has now been enabled for the activities listed.
Forum Display replied message When replying to a Forum message, LAMS now displays the previous message.
MCQ Performance enhancement MCQ has had various performance enhancements to dramatically increase its speed.

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