LAMS 2.3 Feature List

LAMS 2.3 Feature List

Latest minor release: 2.3.5 (28 December 2010)

LAMS 2.3 has been released (25 May 2009)

See Release Notes and Downloads for installers and upgraders

Roadmap for general information on the next release release.

See Animated Tutorials for demonstration. Also you can sign up for a demo account at the LAMS Demo server.

New Improvements

Feature Description Demo
Massive Performance improvement We have now modify LAMS to consume a 1/4 of the RAM memory that it used to an improve its response by 375%! That means that now you can run a LAMS server in small devices such as the Netbooks or Intel Classmates  
New Simplified "Add Lesson Wizard" Start a new lesson in only three clicks! Add Lesson Wizard
New Browser Support LAMS officially supports Google's Chrome and Safari 4  
Localised Dates All dates and times are now displayed according to the Time Zone set in the User's profile. Info
FCKEditor Upgrade Upgraded to version 2.6.4, resulting in faster performance. [Info]

New Features

Feature Description Demo
Support Activities Supporting activities that are part of the design but not part of the sequence of activities Info
LAMS Community integration Now directly from LAMS you can access sequences in the LAMS Community and import them into your server directly!  
Progress Graphs and Charts Graphs and Charts to monitor the time spent by learners on each activity. Info
Public shared folder All authors system wide can share with each other their designs  
Instant Messaging Allows teachers and learners to communicate while they are working on a LAMS lesson Info
Gradebook See results from learners in a lessons and across the entire course Info
[FCK Drawing Plugin] Create simple drawings in all FCK editor areas. [Info]
[FCK LaTeX Equation Plugin] Add mathematical equations and symbols to FCK editors. [Info]

New Activity tools

Activity Tool Name Tool Type Description More details
Pixlr Photoshop An online photoshop-like tool based on Pixlr Info
Mindmap Brainstorming A brainstorming tool in which learners can create their own mindmaps or create collaborative mindmaps with others Info
Video Record Video/Audio Forum Imagine a forum but with video and audio, this is what the Video Recorder tool does Info
Image Gallery Images/Photos A tool to create image galleries where learners can add, rate and comment in pictures Info
Assessment Evaluation A full assessment tool to create tests and exams in LAMS. The results of the test can be added to gradebook or use for branching! Info

And a whole lot more...

There are hundreds of improvement, fixes and lot more features added in this release.


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