LAMS 2.3.1

Release Notes - LAMS Version 2.3.1

LAMS 2.4 is the current release (13 April 2012)


  • [LDEV-2356] - Video Recorder not ignoring Greek language settings
  • [LDEV-2363] - Multiple open votes show when more than one answer is set
  • [LDEV-2364] - Chat problems when users are already created in jabber server
  • [LDEV-2365] - Save as for tool adapters does not work - need to pass customCSV


  • [LDEV-2366] - Tool adapters only work for one integrated server, make them work for multiple
  • [LDEV-2368] - Improve assessment excel export

New Feature

  • [LDEV-2367] - Create excel spreadsheet export for a lesson gradebook

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