LAMS 2.3.2

Release Notes - LAMS Version 2.3.2

LAMS 2.4 is the current release (13 April 2012)


  • [LDEV-2185] - Allow free entry in vote prints garbage
  • [LDEV-2346] - Small window caused images tool to be a little munged
  • [LDEV-2386] - Export gradebook spreadsheet on pre 2.3 sequence throws exception
  • [LDEV-2391] - Gradebook reporting system for ntu is not trimming the username
  • [LDEV-2393] - Firefox 3 prompts to download images instead of showing them
  • [LDEV-2422] - Exception when two separate users upload pictures
  • [LDEV-2423] - "Check for new button" doesn't update
  • [LDEV-2425] - Images overwrite
  • [LDEV-2431] - Pixlr tool management link has exception
  • [LDEV-2435] - Increase comments for marks to text
  • [LDEV-2440] - Offline mode not working
  • [LDEV-2442] - Runoffline doesn't work


  • [LDEV-1776] - Get the progress bar working on an IPhone
  • [LDEV-2385] - Ability for teacher to resubmit a corrected version of the file to the student
  • [LDEV-2427] - Thin Next Activity button
  • [LDEV-2450] - Change language file folder format for combined tools to use a unique name instead of an id number


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