LAMS 2.3.3

Release Notes - LAMS Version 2.3.3

LAMS 2.4 is the current release (13 April 2012)


  • [LDEV-1875] - When moving a folder, backend shouldn't allow a folder to become its own parent
  • [LDEV-1973] - Inserting a user response results in duplicate entry error
  • [LDEV-2436] - Wiki breaks for random number of groups
  • [LDEV-2438] - Support activities when opened from integrations throws an exception
  • [LDEV-2439] - Concurrency problem with LessonJoinServlet
  • [LDEV-2441] - Markers variable doesn't exist if no google key is present
  • [LDEV-2444] - Null pointer when export summary
  • [LDEV-2447] - International chars in first name/last name fields not saved properly on Windows server
  • [LDEV-2448] - Students in Moodle get Author and Monitor access to LAMS
  • [LDEV-2458] - Exception when revisiting completed MCQ and clicking 'next activity'
  • [LDEV-2459] - Q&A - after hitting the the Next button nothing happens in the Preview mode
  • [LDEV-2460] - HomeAction error page points to non-existent tile
  • [LDEV-2461] - Learner search displays monitor link for all monitors not just specific lesson staff
  • [LDEV-2462] - French characters cause errors in gradebook
  • [LDEV-2468] - Integration user callback fields not read as UTF8


  • [LDEV-1776] - Get the progress bar working on an IPhone
  • [LDEV-2445] - Event service sql query hangs


  • [LDEV-2466] - Change hibernate id generator from increment to native


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