LAMS 2.3.4

Release Notes - LAMS Version 2.3.4

LAMS 2.4 is the current release (13 April 2012)


  • [LDEV-2471] - Add lesson wizard doesn't display UTF8 properly
  • [LDEV-2472] - Can't remove a lot of users from an organisation at the same time
  • [LDEV-2473] - Non-integer character in answer for checkbox type daco stops everyone from viewing daco
  • [LDEV-2474] - Questions and answers can get mixed up in daco
  • [LDEV-2475] - temp dir uses java default instead of specified temp dir
  • [LDEV-2482] - UTF8 Character problem
  • [LDEV-2483] - UTF8 Character problem when creating subfolders
  • [LDEV-2486] - If user hasnt started lesson, can get null pointer in LearnerService.getProgressDTOByLessonId
  • [LDEV-2490] - First two tools share content when authoring in IE on Windows
  • [LDEV-2494] - Delete file option does not work.
  • [LDEV-2502] - JDBC batch update error when copying forum content with conditions
  • [LDEV-2506] - Survey doesn't show student responses in Monitor interface
  • [LDEV-2510] - No tool session is created for activities added to a support activity in Live-Edit
  • [LDEV-2521] - Switch between author and planner
  • [LDEV-2526] - Issues deleting questions in Q&A


  • [LDEV-2419] - Improvements for readability and accessibility
  • [LDEV-2420] - Stylesheets and HTML themes
  • [LDEV-2491] - Individual feedback for question displays only in green color
  • [LDEV-2492] - When only one vote is allowed the nomination message is in plural
  • [LDEV-2498] - Increase the width for Q&A iframe
  • [LDEV-2500] - Increase the size of the fckeditor editing
  • [LDEV-2516] - Show wrong and right answers separately
  • [LDEV-2518] - Penalty factor to be 0 by default

New Feature

  • [LDEV-2478] - Option to allow the student to have a rich text editor to answer


  • [LDEV-2503] - LAMS 2.3.4 release db and autopatch changes
  • [LDEV-2514] - Update all translated labels for 2.3.4
  • [LDEV-2515] - Back port planner to 2.3.x
  • [LDEV-2517] - Backport theming

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