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New Features

Learning Outcomes

You can add learning outcomes (LOs) to activities and using scales assess the attainment and performance of students. LOs are integrated with scales and the gradebook. A significant step forward to help students focus their learning efforts and for teachers to direct their choice of instructional activities and assessment strategies.

Grades weights

In a learning design with multiple assessment activities, you can select the "weight" or worth that each assessment activity can have in the final lesson score.

Improved content support

Add mobile friendly content to LAMS activities has never been easier. You create or paste your content directly from many sources (PDFs, Word, PowerPoint, etc) and LAMS would ensure that is web ready and mobile accessible without losing the content formatting.

Multiple lesson attempts

You can create lessons that students are able to restart from the beginning whenever they want. This is very helpful for students to refresh concepts that they might have learned in the past. All the attempts are documented and scores are tracked so you don't loose anything in each attempt.

Improved Team Based Learning support

For quite some time LAMS has been the most widely use TBL online platform. Based on this experience, we have enhanced TBL by adding a TBL wizard to create TBL learning designs in a few minutes. Also, TBL practitioners have helped us create a unique TBL monitor UI to track students performance and progress in a TBL lesson.

GDPR support

Lots of work implementing flexible policies and consent within LAMS for people that require to comply with data protection and privacy regulations.

IMS LTI enhancements

Now LAMS support IMS LTI Names and Role Provisioning Services and Deep Linking extensions. These allow a much reacher integration with other learning management systems.

And LAMS v 3.1 has a ton of other features and fixes!

New Tools

Zoom activity

Zoom is a cloud video conferencing and messaging platform that can be used within LAMS as as activity. Your learning designs can now include full face-to-face conferencing so you can run synchronous classes all over the world.

doKu activity

doKu is an activity that allows students to collaborate in a single document simultaneously. This activity is very useful in the context of students' collaboration (synchronous or asynchronous). However the killer feature of this activity is that it allows you to track all the changes and interactions on the document between all the students, giving you as a teacher a perfect sense on how the document was created and how individual students have contribute to its final result.


Kumalive is an in-class activity support system that allows teachers to capture and assess real-time students' contributions. A unique in-class innovation that enhance student engagement and participation.


We have upgraded our tech stack again to the latest to leverage on modern web technologies:

  • Java JDK 11
  • MySQL Database 8
  • WildFly App server 14.0.1
  • Spring MVC
  • Hibernate 5.3
  • jQuery
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