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A mindmap tool so teachers can set up an a topic(s) so students can brainstorm.

These tool would have two "modes"

  • Individual

Each student in the lesson, brainstorm about the proposed teacher topics on his/her own.

  • Collaboratively

All students in the lesson can participate in the same brainstom

This is a Flash based tool so students can make use of funky interactive interface

Proposed UI

Liviu has created this great front end for this

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  1. Just noticed that the mockup as it stands doesn't let you delete a whole branch of nodes.

    There may be the case where you conceivably might need to delete a whole branch, including it's children.

    Perhaps pressing Shift or something like that allows you to delete the branch and then prompts you:

    This will delete this node and all it's children. Are you sure? Yes | No