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Nova 5000

We recently have been given a Nova5000 to test whether Students going on a excursion or at a lab could use LAMS. We did some preliminary tests and LAMS works very well in these Windows CE 5 embedded devices. The Nova5000 specifications are quite restricted in terms of memory use (only 32 MBs), therefore while Students are able to run their lessons without problems via the network or WIFI, the Monitor interface needs a bit more work to load. 

Many thanks to Debbie Evans and her team from the ICT Innovations Center for lending the Nova5000 to us

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LAMS on iPhone / iPod Touch

One of the the feature of the iPod Touch is wireless internet (WiFi), so you can use the built in Safari browser to surf the net.

I borrowed this weekend an iPod touch to see if I could get LAMS working in it. It works partially as there's no Flash player for the iPod (iPod are based on a ARM CPU, so no easy "port"). Switching the Learner interface to the flashless interface will work on the iPod touch, but Authoring and Monitoring are not available.

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Asus EEE-PC Subnotebook

We recently got a Asus EEE-PC subnotebook and we tried using it with LAMS. The operating system of the EEE-PC is based on linux so we wanted to give it a go and try to see if it works directly out of the box with LAMS.

As you can see in the pictures, all LAMS author, monitor and learner interfaces work without a glitch on the Asus EEE-PC using its default browser (Firefox) (thumbs up)

Tested on 28 February 2008

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Nokia S60 Symbian

Using the Nokia S60 SDK to emulate a Nokia N95 mobile phone, we managed to get the phone working to test their built in S60Browser, which is based on WebKit Open Source Project. The Nokia S60 devs have ported WebKit to Symbian now.

LAMS renders very nicely on the phone as you can see in the pictures, but for some reason we can't login into LAMS. Every time we complete the username and password to login, we get a 'Web: Unable to perform operation (-26000)' and we can't continue. It seems that this is a common problem for this phone and it hasn't been fixed as yet

tested 03-March-2008

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Windows Mobile

I have tested today the Windows Mobile 5 and 6 SDK to see how LAMS would work in their browser. This SDK has an emulator that allows you to test applications in this 'software simulated' Windows Mobile 5 device.

Getting the 'device' to connect to the internet thru the activesync wasn't too hard, so once I have network access I started testing the Internet Explorer default browser that comes with the Windows Mobile 5.

Windows Mobile Version 5.1.195

Flash Player

For Windows Mobile 5, Above has a Flash player, but it is version 6 which automatically disqualifies to be used with LAMS (LAMS requires version 7 or above). Needless to say, Flash player version 7 is at least 4 years old so it's not like we are using the latest Flash technologies with LAMS.

So unfortunately, Flash is out of the question in Windows Mobile devices for now.

Window Mobile 5 Internet Explorer

I really couldn't find the IE version in this device as it would be good to see which real desktop internet explorer version they have managed to port to Windows Mobile, but I couldn't manage to find any version number. But given that even the LAMS login page didn't work it might be older than IE5!

Fortunately, there are other devices out there for Windows Mobile devices.

Opera 8.65

Opera is a great browser. My favorite is Opera version 9 in the desktop... which is not yet available for Windows Mobile (sad) Instead, you can download a trial version (30 days) of their 8.65 release. Opera is a very fast browser and it rendered all the components on the screen appropriately.


Login into LAMS was no problem. However, the new jquery ajax options we have not in LAMS 2.1 do not appear on the screen at all. So the ajax support for 8.65 won't work in the login page.


The Flashless learner interface for Opera almost work. I say almost because you can see the progress bar in a separate pop-up rather than in the same screen (using the jquery thickbox javascript library).


Minimo 0.2

The guys at Mozilla have been working on a cut down version of Firefox for Windows Mobile. This project is called Minimo. I have tried Minimo 0.1 and it wasn't quite working so I never taken it seriously. However, Minimo 0.2 works much much better.


Login into LAMS with Minimo 0.2 was no a problem. Even the jquery ajax libraries to display the index page work very well. The downside of Minimo 0.2 as you can see in the pictures, is that the layout is still a bit messy. There's no zooming option so the screen layout leaves a lot to be desire. However it renders all components of the page.


The Flashless learner interface works perfectly with Minimo 0.2! However, there are some minimal problems with CSS.

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One Laptop Per Child and LAMS

Latest News

Almost a year has past (see Old Stuff below) since we started testing the XO with LAMS. Mitch has update the OLPC XO and now we can get all the features of LAMS (authoring, monitoring and learner) working no problems with the XO. This is indeed great news. Additionally, we test the new Video Recording feature and it works great!

Tested on March 05, 2009

Old Stuff

Update from: March 20, 2008
The Boss has recently got an OLPC XO laptop. If you haven't heard about this before, these are the laptops that they are shipping to third world countries to improve the lives of lots and lots of kids thru education (see the NYTimes review). And of course, we had to try it with LAMS.

The XO comes with Sugar as it's main operation platform which might take a while if you are used to other operating systems, but kids can figure it out in seconds (unlike me!) (smile) So we embarked to test LAMS 2.1 on it and here are the results.

The XO has a gecko based browser (which is the same web rendering engine as firefox). So LAMS would work without major issues if you are using the new Flashless interface as you can see in the pictures. You also can use Flash with the XOs (see the Full Flash pictures) using a customized version of Opera for the XO's. You can find the instructions to install Opera and Flash on the XO on the website (see the particular version of Flash you need to use for Opera though.

Tested on March 20, 2008

OLPC with Opera and Flash Player

There's a special version of Opera for OLPC that also supports Above Flash Player. If you add these two, then you can use LAMS with all its interfaces. So teachers and tutors can use LAMS at full!

Tested on March 20, 2008

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LAMS on Blackberries

The wife just got a Blackberry from her work (I wish the boss would give me one too!) and I couldn't help but to test whether LAMS would work in its browser. The default Blackberry browser didn't work with LAMS very well as I couldn't get pass the login screen. So I searched online and found out that Opera has a browser for the Blackberries too.

Opera Mini is a great browser for all small devices and phones. What I really like about is the way it shows you a minimize version of the whole page and then you can zoom in into the part that you like (this is the same with the iPhone's default browser as well). This is extremely convenient. In addition, Opera in itself is perhaps the best browser.

So I managed to login and get to the index page without any problems. I was able to see all the cool ajax we have added to sort out the pages in the course page without any problems. I was able to expand and collapse course without any problems.

Using the Flashless interface worked without any problems as well as you can see in the pictures. The progress bar shows perfectly fine as well.

Tested on March 24, 2008

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