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Notifications are a new feature to help Teachers and Instructors communicate with their students.

The Notifications system uses the email addresses set up in each users profile.

System Administration

System Administrators need to configure LAMS to use a SMTP server to send notifications.

Each lesson now has a Notifications button which opens this screen:

Types of Learners

From the drop-down list at top-left, you can select from several groups of learners:

Learners who are:


Assigned to the lesson

Emails every student who can access the lesson.

Who haven't finished the lesson

Emails learners who have not yet completed the lesson, including those who have not started.

Haven't started the lesson

Emails only those learners yet to start the lesson.

Have started the lesson

Emails only those learners who (info) have started and (ii) have not finished.

Haven't reached a particular activity

This condition allows you to select from a list of the activities in a sequence, then email learners who have not progressed up to that point.

Have X days to deadline

Used in combination with Date restrictions, and will email those users with a certain amount of time remaining in their sequence.

These conditions will update in real time as Learners move through the different activities in your Lesson, and you can click Refresh at the bottom of the list to force an update.

Once you have chosen a group of learners to contact, you can select individual learners from the checkboxes next to their name, select all of the learners in group with the master check-box at the top-left, or use the text field to search for specific learners.

Once you have selected the learners you wish to contact, you can customise the message using the text box at Right.

Scheduled Notifications

You can also Schedule notifications ahead of time, which will only be sent to those learners who meet the condition at the specified time. For example, if you start your lesson on a Monday, you can send out a reminder on Friday to those students who have not completed the lesson, reminding them to complete the lesson over the weekend.

On the notifications pop-up, click the Scheduling tab, at bottom Left. The schedule tab will slide up to replace the list of learners.

You can then select date to send the notification using the date picker, or just enter the date manually.

Once you have selected the date, choose the group of learners to contact — the full list is shown in the table above.

Once this is done, customise your message in the box at right, then click the Schedule button to add the message to the list.

When the target date is met, LAMS will send your email to those learners who meet the condition at the specified time.

You can view all of the scheduled messages (and remove or edit them) by clicking List of Schedule Emails

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Course Notifications

You can also create notifications at the course level. To access this screen, click More Options on your corse, then select Notifications.
Like Lesson notifications, this screen will automatically update to reflect the lessons you have running in your course.

Have finished particular lesson

Emails all students who have completed one selected lesson.

Haven't started particular lessons

Emails students who have not started one selected lesson.

Haven't started any lessons

Emails only those learners who have not yet started any of the lessons in the course.

Have finished these lessons

Emails learners who have finished one or multiple selected lessons.