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One Laptop Per Child and LAMS

Latest News

Almost a year has past (see Old Stuff below) since we started testing the XO with LAMS. Mitch has update the OLPC XO and now we can get all the features of LAMS (authoring, monitoring and learner) working no problems with the XO. This is indeed great news. Additionally, we test the new Video Recording feature and it works great!

Tested on March 05, 2009

Old Stuff

Update from: March 20, 2008
The Boss has recently got an OLPC XO laptop. If you haven't heard about this before, these are the laptops that they are shipping to third world countries to improve the lives of lots and lots of kids thru education (see the NYTimes review). And of course, we had to try it with LAMS.

The XO comes with Sugar as it's main operation platform which might take a while if you are used to other operating systems, but kids can figure it out in seconds (unlike me!) (smile) So we embarked to test LAMS 2.1 on it and here are the results.

The XO has a gecko based browser (which is the same web rendering engine as firefox). So LAMS would work without major issues if you are using the new Flashless interface as you can see in the pictures. You also can use Flash with the XOs (see the Full Flash pictures) using a customized version of Opera for the XO's. You can find the instructions to install Opera and Flash on the XO on the website (see the particular version of Flash you need to use for Opera though.

Tested on March 20, 2008

OLPC with Opera and Flash Player

There's a special version of Opera for OLPC that also supports Above Flash Player. If you add these two, then you can use LAMS with all its interfaces. So teachers and tutors can use LAMS at full!

Tested on March 20, 2008

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