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Reflective tools: Your-tool + Notebook

In LAMS 1.0.x, we used to have a variety of tools that were "Voting + Notebook", "Chat&Scribe + Notebook", "Q&A + Notebook", etc... therefore for LAMS 2.0, we decided that all tools should have a reflective components that automatically add the notebook if the Teacher/Author so chooses as a setting in the Advance tab in Learner.

All tools, that required to be reflective, should make use of the Notebook Service implementation for storing all the learner's reflection. (see chat tool implementation for details)


In the advanced tab in Author, the tool should display a check box (by default is not checked) that reads "Reflect on [tool_name]". Also if the checkbox is ticked, then a small textarea right underneath it, should be enabled to enter the instructions the teacher wants the students to reflect on.


 Note that instead of displaying a "Finish" button, now we display a "Continue" label instead.
After clicking on Continue, the learner gets presented with the instructions and text area for his/her reflection



The notebook entries have to be displayed in the monitor interface as part of the *Summary Tab*
If the Monitor clicks on the View link, a pop-up shows the note for that learner.

Expected Behaviours

Export Portfolio

Learners and Class Export Portfolios must include these notebook entries. In the case of a particular learner's portfolio, only his/her notes will be part of the portfolio. In the case of the class, everyone's notes are included.

Run activity Offline

In the case that the activity is set to be "Runoffiline" the learner behaviour is expected to be as follows: once the learner gets to and activity that is meant to be reflective and also to be runoffline, he/she should get the default tool's message of "Sorry this activity is set to be run offline, please ask your teacher for further instructions". Instead of a finish button, it should have the "Continue" button, so that the student can still takes notes of whatever offline activity they performed. After the note is taken, then the activity is completed.

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