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There are two ways to start writing a LAMS tool:

  1. Use the Eclipse plug-in to copy an existing tool. This is the preferred method as it gives you a functional tool with which to start your development. However it currently only supports copy 4 existing tools.
  2. Use the RenameTool to copy an existing tool.

To use the RenameTool, download the attached zip file and follow the instructions in the readme file.

You will need a tool signature. If you are just playing with LAMS then you can make one up. If you are likely to keep the code please contact Fiona Malikoff or Ernie Ghiglione about specifying a tool signature. The tool signature is used in naming your database tables and it can be tedious to change once you have a large amount of code. We are not trying to discourage you or control who writes tools - we are just trying to save you having to change working code later!

There is one major problem (and some smaller problems) with the Rename Tool. We suggest using the submit project as the basis for the copy, but the word "submit" is used in many places in tags, tlds and jsps where it should not be replaced. We still advise using submit but you need to be aware of the problem as you will have to fix some files in the web directory.

We will not be doing any further work on the RenameTool - it is being here until we make the Eclipse plug-in support copying more of the existing tools.

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