Setting Up a Server Using iMacros

Download iMacro

If you're using Firefox and testing LAMS, you should consider installing the iMacro plugin for initial setup and configuration tasks.

Get the iMacros plugin here..

Custom Download Script

You can download this script and save it to your macros folder (usually C:\Documents\iMacros\Macros).

It will create a course called Demonstration, and four accounts:

Author/Monitor Learner
teacher learner1

All user passwords are the same as the user name.

You will need to change one line of code - open the .iim file in a text editor, and change the URL on the third line to the server which you want to customise:


You can also change the sysadmin login name and password by editing the CONTENT= tag in lines 4 and 7 of the .iim file.


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