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Manual Testing LAMS Tools

Each LAMS Tool\ is different so it has to be tested using its own desired specifications. However, there a certain APIs and behaviours that are expected to fulfill the LAMS Tool Contract. This document aims to give a reference to tool testers on what and where to test in a LAMS tool.

Tool Contract

These are important things to test to ensure the tool complies with the LAMS Tool Contract.


  • does it have a Authoring URL?
    • does it have the three tabs?
    • does it have the minimum advanced features (lock when finished, reflective option)?
    • does it have intructions tab?
  • does it support copy or delete content when an activity is copied or deleted in the Authoring flash environment?
  • does it provide a Preview URL? does it work when define later or work offline?
  • FCKEditors using the standard tags for the instructions?
  • does it follow the standard way of adding questions/choices/other options (see LDEV-648, LDEV-646)


  • does it have the Monitor URL?
    • does it have the 5 tabs?
    • does it show groups if the tool is being used with groupings?
    • can the activity be editable after the first learner joined? (in some cases this might not be necessary. Think forum or chat)
    • does the tool support any kind of marking?
  • does it provide URL for a single learner view (for Monitor's learners tab)?


  • does it run? (smile)
  • does the tool workflow works as its meant?
  • does it implement "read-only" mode?
  • does it work when lock when finished?
  • does it implement run-offline and  define in monitor?
  • does 'lock when finish' work?
  • if it make use of text areas (for answers and the like), does it wrap the text properly (
    n to <br>)?

Admin (after 2.0) 

  • does it have a admin url?
    • does it implement define default tool content?
    • does it provide tools statistics?
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