Windows Mobile CE 5 and 6

Windows Mobile

I have tested today the Windows Mobile 5 and 6 SDK to see how LAMS would work in their browser. This SDK has an emulator that allows you to test applications in this 'software simulated' Windows Mobile 5 device.

Getting the 'device' to connect to the internet thru the activesync wasn't too hard, so once I have network access I started testing the Internet Explorer default browser that comes with the Windows Mobile 5.

Windows Mobile Version 5.1.195

Flash Player

For Windows Mobile 5, Above has a Flash player, but it is version 6 which automatically disqualifies to be used with LAMS (LAMS requires version 7 or above). Needless to say, Flash player version 7 is at least 4 years old so it's not like we are using the latest Flash technologies with LAMS.

So unfortunately, Flash is out of the question in Windows Mobile devices for now.

Window Mobile 5 Internet Explorer

I really couldn't find the IE version in this device as it would be good to see which real desktop internet explorer version they have managed to port to Windows Mobile, but I couldn't manage to find any version number. But given that even the LAMS login page didn't work it might be older than IE5!

Fortunately, there are other devices out there for Windows Mobile devices.

Opera 8.65

Opera is a great browser. My favorite is Opera version 9 in the desktop... which is not yet available for Windows Mobile Instead, you can download a trial version (30 days) of their 8.65 release. Opera is a very fast browser and it rendered all the components on the screen appropriately.


Login into LAMS was no problem. However, the new jquery ajax options we have not in LAMS 2.1 do not appear on the screen at all. So the ajax support for 8.65 won't work in the login page.


The Flashless learner interface for Opera almost work. I say almost because you can see the progress bar in a separate pop-up rather than in the same screen (using the jquery thickbox javascript library).


Minimo 0.2

The guys at Mozilla have been working on a cut down version of Firefox for Windows Mobile. This project is called Minimo. I have tried Minimo 0.1 and it wasn't quite working so I never taken it seriously. However, Minimo 0.2 works much much better.


Login into LAMS with Minimo 0.2 was no a problem. Even the jquery ajax libraries to display the index page work very well. The downside of Minimo 0.2 as you can see in the pictures, is that the layout is still a bit messy. There's no zooming option so the screen layout leaves a lot to be desire. However it renders all components of the page.


The Flashless learner interface works perfectly with Minimo 0.2! However, there are some minimal problems with CSS.

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