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While duplicating individual lessons in LAMS is straightforward, there are certain cases where instructors may wish to duplicate entire courses, including all individual lessons, learners, staff, etc.

The new 'Clone Group' feature is designed for this purpose.

A user with System Administration privileges must perform this operation.

Cloning an Entire Group

You can use an existing group, or create a new group explicitly for the new lessons.

Here is an example of a LAMS server. The course Mathematics 1 has subgroups and several lessons. I want to replicate this structure in the Playpen group.

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Click for larger view.

Group Management

On the Group Management menu, select the group where the cloned lessons will end up.
In this case, it's the Playpen group.

Once you have opened the group menu, select the Clone Lessons option.

Select the group (and subgroup where necessary) that you wish to clone.

Select which individual lessons are to be cloned.
You can also choose to replicate the monitors and learners in the group.
Alternatively, clicking Configure staff or Configure Learners will allow you to modify the list of monitors and learners that have access to the new cloned lessons.

Once the operation is complete, LAMS will indicate that the lessons have been cloned, and you can jump straight in to the new lessons complete with learners and monitors.

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Click for larger view.

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