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Changing the Default Tool Content

A user with System Administration privileges must perform this operation.

System Administrators can configure default content to load whenever an author adds a tool to a LAMS sequence.
This content will load by default for each instance of that tool, but can be deleted or modified by the sequence author if desired.

  1. Log in to LAMS, and select System Administration
  2. Select Tool Management
  3. Select Edit Default Tool Content for the desired tool.

This will open the Authoring Interface for that tool (see the Tools Documentation) for specific help for each tool.)

From here, you can make changes to the Basic, Advanced, Instructions and Conditions property sheets, which will load by default whenever the given tool is added to a LAMS sequence.

Default Headers

You can use this feature to add standard headers to all of your LAMS activities, such as an institutional logo or motto.
In this case, it's best to add a note below the static content asking authors to leave the default content as is.

Chat Filtering

Another handy hint is to modify the Filter Messages field on the Chat Activity advanced page.
This will load a default set of filtered words for each chat session.

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