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Gradebook Course Monitor

To view the gradebook for a course, use the button, on the menu.
This will open a gradebook displaying the marks for each learner across all of the lessons in the course.

Course Gradebook provides a view which is a level above the lesson marking view. Instead of seeing information particular to one lesson, you can see information across an entire course and its sub-groups. The default view gives a grid containing all the lessons in the course that the current user has monitor rights for. There are five columns: Lesson Name, Sub-Group (if the lesson was for a sub-group), Start Date, Average Time Take (Average for the lesson), Average Mark (Average for the lesson). Note that clicking on the lesson name will open the  Gradebook Lesson Monitor view discussed earlier for that lesson.

If you click the icon next to a lesson name, it will expand and show you all the learners in that lesson's class. This sub-grid has four columns: Learner Name, Progress (finished/in progress/not started lesson), Time Taken (for the lesson), Lesson Feedback and Mark (for the lesson. You can edit the mark and feedback for the lesson, although if you prefer you can leave the mark and the individual acitvity marks will be aggregated to make up the lesson mark. This view is handy if you are required to do some data normalisation for a course and need to change all the learners marks.

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