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Blackboard Course and Lesson Administration with LAMS

It is a common practice to use Blackboard's course copy feature at the beginning of a semester to populate a course from an old course into a new one. 

However, if your old course contains LAMS lessons, the course copy feature on its own does not update the new lessons to the new course. This is a problem as your student in the new course won't be able to access the lessons correctly. 

The LAMS Blackboard building block provides a functionality to fix the lessons in the new course and here are instructions on how to do this after a course copy


Update LAMS links after course copy

If you have copied or imported LAMS lessons from other course sites, the copied LAMS lessons in the current course site is simply a link to the original LAMS lessons and would thus inherit the attributes and data of those lessons. So, you need to create a new copy of these LAMS lessons in the current course site.

If you do not update these links to create new copies of the LAMS lessons, the following issues would occur:

  1. Students who do not have access permission to the original course site would not be able to view the LAMS lessons in the current course site due to permission settings for the LAMS lessons.
  2. The list of students for the LAMS lessons in the current course site would include the students from the original course site, and thus their data accordingly too.
  3. For LAMS lessons imported from other servers, the LAMS lesson links would be broken links as these LAMS lessons do not exist in the current server.

After you have clicked the button, you will be prompted to wait while the lessons are copied and a message indicating the number of LAMS lessons and their new IDs will be displayed when the process is complete.


First select the LAMS Admin tool, in the course tools:



Then click on "Update LAMS links after course copy":



After completion you will get a confirmation on the number of lesson links that we updated:



Update LAMS links after course import


If you have imported a course into Blackboard and this is using the same LAMS server, then you can use this button to regenerate the LAMS Lesson for this imported course. 


Correct Grade Center 

After you have copied or imported LAMS lessons from other course sites, and updated the LAMS links, please check that the correct number of columns for these LAMS lessons is displayed in the Grade Center in NTULearn.

If you find any inconsistencies in the number of columns in Grade Center, you can use this feature to correct the inconsistencies.



References and sources

LAMS Admin Guide NTU


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