Moodle 2 plugin development

Implemented Moodle features

The LAMS plugin for Moodle implements the following features:

  • Status completion
  • Completion tracking
  • Groups and groupings
  • Grade outcomes
  • Grades
  • Backup and restore


  • Downloaded
  • Following the README.txt instructions did the following changes:
  • Copy old lams2mod data model across
  • modified the version.php
  • modified lang/en/newmodule.php to lang/en/lams2lesson.php
  • Visit Settings > Site Administration > Notifications, to create the module's tables.
  • Go to Site Administration > Plugins > Activity modules > Manage activities
    and to find that this lamslesson has been added to the list of
    installed modules.


Development tasks

We have a set of development tasks for this integration in our tracker:

YUI tree replaces Tigra tree

Instead of using the old tigra tree javascript function, I decided to use YUI Tree instead. It looks a lot better and it gives a lot more options.

The lamslesson_process_array function in lib.php takes care of the XML send back from LAMS with the available sequence for this user into YUI tree format to be displayed in the browser.

Moodle activity completion

Moodle 2 now has Activity Completion. So that means that now Moodle activities can have a completion state. Although it just records it binary (completed or not, so it doesn't have things like attempted, etc -for what I have seen anyway).

So we can send the complete progress we get in LAMS (once a student finishes a lesson) back to Moodle so it can record this state and do their conditional activities.


The plugin passes marks from LAMS to Moodle's gradebook on student completing the lesson.

Backup and restore

You can now back up and restore lamslesson activitivies too.


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