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Presence in LAMS Sequences

Presence in LAMS sequences is available from LAMS 2.2 and above.

Presence in LAMS allows learners to see other learners who are online and participating in the sequence.

Enabling Presence for a Sequence (for Monitors)

Presence must be enabled by the monitor who starts the lesson, currently, this option is disabled by default.

LAMS 2.3

In LAMS 2.3, check the box marked Allow Learners to see who is online on the Advanced Tab of the new lesson wizard.

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LAMS 2.2

In LAMS 2.2, check the box marked Enable Lesson Presence in the Add Lesson dialog.

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Using Presence in a Sequence (for Learners)

In LAMS 2.2, when learners start the sequence, the Presence list displays at the Left of their screen, beneath the progress bar.
The presence list will update automatically as learners begin and end the sequence.

Presence in 2.3

In LAMS 2.3, under both Learner interfaces, the Presence window is called up by clicking on the Presence menu, at the bottom right of the screen.

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Instant Messaging in LAMS Sequences

Instant Messaging is available as part of LAMS 2.3

Instant Messaging in LAMS allows learners to exchange live text messages with each other during the running of a Lesson.
Unlike the Chat activity, which allows Learners to collaborate during a single activity, the Instant Messaging feature is available for the duration of the lesson.

The IM features in LAMS 2.3 extend the Presence features added to LAMS 2.2

Enabling Instant Messaging for a Lesson

The IM features are enabled on a per-lesson basis.

  1. Add a new lesson to a group or sub-group.
  2. Select the Advanced tab.
  3. Check both Allow Learners to see who is online and Enable Instant Messaging
  4. Start the lesson.
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Using Instant Messaging

When learners begin the lesson, they will see the presence list at the bottom of the screen. (The presence menu and IM menu appear exactly the same in both the flash-based and flashless learner interfaces.)
Learners can then exchange text messages in a simple way, without having to rely on external chat software, or LAMS activities within the sequence.

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