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Effective Use of Support Activities

Support Activities used to be referred to as Floating Activities

While the Instant messaging feature in LAMS allows Learners and Monitors to chat in text form during a LAMS lesson, there may be cases where more sophisticated activities need to be available throughout the lesson.

Sequence Authors may wish to run a synchronous chat over the course of a lesson, or create a list of resources that can be accessed at any time, without needing to 'go backwards' in the sequence in the progress bar.

It also means that Learners can begin an activity (such as an essay or scribe discussion), work through a sequence, then return to the activity to revise their answers. The use of Support activities means that this can be done in a much simpler way than the workaround discussed on the LAMS Community.

This sequence demonstrates the use of Support Activities in LAMS.

Creating Support Activities

Support Activities are added to the Authoring canvas in the same way as optional activities or sequences.
Note that this means Support Activities do not have to be completed in order to Finish a lesson. Due to this, any activities that need to be completed for a lesson as part of the assessment criteria should be included as part of the sequence. (However, there isn't anything stopping you from adding a MCQ or File Submission as an additional support task for extra credit! )

  1. On the menu, select .
    This will create a Support Activities Box on the canvas.
  2. Next, simply drag and drop the desired activities into the box, and add instructions and content as per usual.
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What about transition lines?

Because Support Activities 'float' outside the sequence, you do not need to add transitions to the support activities.

Learning With Support Activities

When a sequence uses Support Activities, they display in the bottom left of the screen.
The activities can be opened in a new window, and can remain visible while the learner progresses through the rest of the sequence.

In the flashless interface the Support activities are accessed via the My Progress popup, and are displayed in a seperate list from the sequence activities. Clicking on a Support Activity here will open the activity in a new window.

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Monitoring Support Activities

Support Activities appear inside the Support Activities Box, exactly the same as in the authoring environment.

Monitors can double-click on the support activities to mark, edit or contribute them, the same as any other activity in the monitoring space.

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For information on monitoring features available for each activity, view the relevant activity page.