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Tiger Training LMS

Tiger Online Training's learning management system is SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 compliant. Supporting learner-centric and instructor-led (assigned) workflows, featuring a user-friendly interface, automated recordkeeping, online report generation and organisational hierarchies for large clients. See feature list.

It have now integrated LAMS into the LMS as a single sign on solution featuring a simple user and administrative interface.

User Interface Screen Shots

This is the course interface displaying the components that have been associated with the course down the left hand side

Click on "Learning Materials" to display the following

Here we see the LAMS sequences that the Instructor has associated with the course displaying the Sequence Name, Sequence Description and the current status

Depending on the logged on Role of the user, clicking on the Sequence name will either launch LAMS as a Monitor or a Learner

The learner then completes the sequence as normal

Administrator Interface Screen Shots

LAMS Sequences are associated at the course level and therefore all LAMS administrative functions are performed from the Course administration screen

By selecting the "Actions" Menu option all properties of the course can be configured

By selecting "Manage LAMS Sequences" the Sequences for the course are displayed

By selecting the appropriate sequence an Instructor or teacher can either Monitor or Preview the sequence

Click "Add LAMS Sequence" to add a new sequence to the course

From this screen the Teacher/Instructor is able to author a new sequence in the LAMS system by clicking "Open Author" or to associate an existing sequence from the dropdown list. Click on the "Next" button to give the sequence a name and description that will be shown in the LMS

From the Course LAMS screen an Instructor can easily produce an overview report for any given sequence

Further Information and Contact Details

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