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Time Graphs for Learners

LAMS 2.3 Feature

The Time Graphs are an upcoming features of LAMS version 2.3

In the Monitoring Environment, you can now view graphs showing how quickly Learners move through the activities in a sequence.

Using these graphs, you can quickly troubleshoot areas where learners spend a lot of time on particular activites, or identify learners who are moving at a slower pace than the rest of the class.

The graphs will show "live" information as the learners move through the activities in the sequence.

Viewing Time Graphs in Monitoring

The Time Graphs are located on the Learners Tab in the monitoring environment.

Average Statistics

Clicking View Time Graph at the top of the screen allows the monitor to view data on any learner in the sequence, and compare their time to the class average.

Using the search box or drop-down menu at the bottom of the page, Monitors can choose which Learner to get statistics from.

This graph shows how long the learner (in blue) took to complete each activity compared to the class average. (in green.)
In this case, the learner took slightly longer on each activity in the sequence.

Monitors can also choose to view individual learner's pie graphs, the same as those shown below.

Per-Learner Statistics

By clicking View Time Chart on each learner's activity stream, you can view the time they spent on each activity. This information relates to one specific learner.

The pie graph shows how much time was spent on each activity as part of the whole sequence.

The completion rate graph shows how quickly each individual activity was completed.