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Web Pages Redirecting too Quickly?

If you need to access a page with a {redirect} macro in place, just add ?redirect=false to the end of the URL.

Bienvenido, Irashaimasu and Welcome!

This page will give translators a brief overview of what it is that they're translating on the different translation sites.
It assumes that you are familiar with the wiki markup used in confluence.

Here's a list of all the translation spaces that are currently available:

Language (Country)



English (Australia)


Complete (tick)

Japanese (Japan)


Started (lightbulb)

Spanish (Spain)


Started (lightbulb)

Norwegian (Norway)


Started (lightbulb)

Greek (Greece)


Started - all tutorial animations appearing in Greek!(lightbulb)

Arabic (Jordan)


waiting to implement LTR support (error)

Welsh (United Kingdom)


Ready (grey lightbulb)

Swedish (Sweden)


Ready (grey lightbulb)

Portuguese (Brazil)


Ready (grey lightbulb)

Vietnamese (Viet Nam)


Ready (grey lightbulb)

Danish (Denmark)


Ready (grey lightbulb)

Italian (Italy)


Ready (grey lightbulb)

German (Germany)


Started (lightbulb)

French (France)


Ready (grey lightbulb)

Maori (New Zealand)


Ready (grey lightbulb)

Polish (Poland)


Ready (grey lightbulb)

Dutch (Belgium)


Ready (grey lightbulb)

Korean (South Korea)


Ready (grey lightbulb)

Chinese (China)


Ready (grey lightbulb)

Any English text on the pages in your translation space needs to be translated to the particular language, and you are also free to edit the screenshots or create your own in the relevant language. For most pages, you can also change the h1. or h2. title, which will appear near the top of the wiki markup.

But there are some things that you shouldn't change...

What Can't I Change?

Wiki pages that are about specific activities in LAMS, such as the Notebook or Chat need to be translated, but you must not change the page name.

This is because we name the Activity pages according to their Tool signature, which you can read about here..
You can change the page heading, which appears after the h1. macro in the markup, but the page title must stay the same.
This goes for the activity monitoring and authoring pages too.

One last thing...
You also need to keep the page titles as they are for the Authoring Environment and Monitoring Environment pages in your space - once again, these are linked directly from the LAMS software.

Step-by-Step Guide to Translating a Page

  1. Go to the page you want to translate in the English space. (eg: )
  2. Click Info
  3. Click View Wiki Markup
  4. Copy the source code to the clipboard. (This helps us keep all the translated pages up to date with the English documentation.)
  5. Go to the wiki page in your language. (eg: LAMS )
  6. Before the redirect kicks in (about 10 seconds) click Edit, and then paste the copied code from the clipboard, replacing any code that already exists.
    You can click Preview to check that the code copied successfully.+
  7. Now using either Rich-Text or Wiki Markup view, start translating the page to your language.

Translating using Scaffolds

Scaffolds No Longer In Use

Unfortunately, we found that the scaffold plugin had some serious memory flaws, and we're in the process of removing all scaffolds from the wiki.
The bright side is that it makes the translator's job much easier, as now the entire page content is contained in the wiki source for the page.

Linking Images

You'll notice that we haven't copied our images and screenshots from the English space to the translation sites. There's actually a really good reason for this: if you're getting serious about the translating, it's a good thing if you take your own screenshots, because ours are heavily notated in english.

To make image replacement and translation easier, we've set up lamsdocsen to read the images from each individual activity page.
For example, to insert the chat icon on the front page of lamsdocsen we use this code:


which renders as:

This means that if you're uploading a screenshot from LAMS using a different language, you only need to update the image on the lachat11 page, rather than on the Home page as well.

To simply link to the existing English versions of the Activity icons, use this code on the activity page and the home site:
(warning) Note that you need to link to the image from another space, and must include the spacekey as part of the image macro.



which renders as:

If you're not going to be translating the image, or if the image doesn't require translation at all, please link to the version on lamsdocs, rather than copying the existing image into the new space.

Ask a Question

Any troubles, or if you don't get what's going on, Contact:
Ernie Ghiglione