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LAMS provides many ways to include pre-existing content in sequences. The most common are:

Also, anything that comes with HTML <embed> tags is available for import and use in a LAMS sequence.
Things like:

  • Youtube clips;
  • Google maps;
  • Flickr photostreams;
  • and even musical notation.
    can be included in a LAMS activity by copying the HTML embed code to the source view of the activity.

Follow the instructions as set out in Copy and Paste HTML below.

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Word Documents

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Copy and Paste HTML

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If you have a web page saved in html format, you can simply copy and paste the Source Code from the Html file into a LAMS activity.

To paste html source in lams, you must make sure that you have clicked on the icon on the FCKEditor toolbar.

LAMS will use it's own .CSS to apply themes and styles to any of your heading tags.

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Zipped Website

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If you have created a website in another program, you can use the Share Resources activity to upload the complete website into a LAMS sequence.

There are several things you need to watch out for:

  • The website must exist in a single .ZIP file; the .ZIP must contain all HTML pages and related assets.
  • The .ZIP file must contain a page called index.htm; this is the page that LAMS will display first when the page is opened from Share Resources.

Creating a Zipped Website

When creating the .ZIP file from your website, double-check that you are only zipping the seperate files of the website, rather than the containing folder. When you open the .ZIP file, the index.htm page should be contained in the root of the ZIP, not inside another folder.

If you use something like Dreamweaver or Frontpage, then the software will usually compile the web site into a single folder for you. If you are creating a web site manually, you must double-check and triple-check all relative links in your site before you create the zip file.

Here is a tutorial on including .Zipped websites in LAMS sequences:

&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt;//&lt;![CDATA[ swfobject.embedSWF(&quot;;, &quot;myContent&quot;, &quot;600&quot;, &quot;452&quot;, &quot;9.0.0&quot;); //]]&gt; <div class="table-wrap" align="center"> <div class="table-wrap"><table class="confluenceTable"><tbody> <tr> <div id="myContent"> <p>Your browser does not support this movie</p> </div> </tr> </tbody> </table></div> </div></span> </th> </tr> </tbody></table></div> </div>
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