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Using the Flashless Learner Interface

...demonstrating how to use Learner without flash.

The Flashless Learner interface is useful if LAMS is to be run on mobile devices that do not support flash.

Disabling the Flash Interface...

(... or enabling the Flashless interface.)

The option to disable flash is up to each individual learner.

  1. On the 'My Groups' screen, click the tab.
  2. Click the Edit My Profile link.
  3. At the bottom of the page, find the option Enable Flash for Learner Window
  4. Select No from the drop-down list.

Using the Flashless Interface

The Flashless interface retains all the features of the original Learner interface, but instead displays all the options across the top of the screen.

My Progress

Click to open thumbnail.

Clicking My Progress on the Learner Bar opens a popup, very similar to the original Progress Bar.

  • The Progress popup shows Learners the order of activities in the LAMS sequence, as well as their current position.
    • Blue circles represent activities that you have completed.
    • Red squares show your current position in the sequence.
    • Green triangles represent activities that you have not reached.

Visiting Previous Activities

To go back to an activity that has been previously completed, double-click the appropriate blue circle on the Progress Popup. For some activities, such as the Chat or Forum, Learners will be able to return and continue working on the activity.

Resume and Export Portfolio

Clicking Resume refreshes the Learning Environment, and returns Learners to their current position in the sequence.

Clicking Export Portfolio (when enabled) will start the download of the .zip file representing the Learner's contributions to the sequence.


Clicking presence will pop up the Presence Window. Click here for more info.

My Notes

Clicking on My Notes will open a new window displaying the Learner's entire notebook. This is a space where Learners can take private notes during a sequence for later review.

Learner's can also notebook entries into "Journal" entries, which will make the entries viewable by Sequence monitors.

System Administration

LAMS System Administrators can also specify site-wide whether or not to use the flash-based or flashless interface.

  1. Select System Administration on the My Groups page.
  2. In the new window, select Configuration Settings
  3. Scroll down to Feature and locate the option Enable Flash for Learners
    • Disabling the option will mean that all Learners must use the flashless option.
      i.e. individual learners cannot change their interface type through My Profile