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Monitoring Assessment

Summary Screen

View of the Assessment Monitoring Summary tab.

The Summary page allows monitors to view responses and scores on the assessment. Statistics can be compared as an entire set, on a per-user basis, or a per-question basis.

The Assessment activity displays data using the same toolkit as the new Gradebook feature.

Click on a learners name to sort by that learner.

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Click for larger view.

Sorting by learner shows the individual responses for each question.

Choosing a question from the Report by Question drop down gives this new window, showing all the responses to the question.

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Click for larger view.

You can export and save a spreadsheet version of the Assessment Summary by clicking Export Summary.

Edit Activity

Clicking the Edit Activity button opens a new screen identical to the 'Basic' tab in the authoring environment. Edit Activity allows modifications to be made to the Assessment activity while the lesson is being run.


These are important implications for changing questions on ongoing assessments:

Note that if you change a question that already has been taken by a learner, the score given to the learner for the question you change will be reset to zero.
If you delete a question in which a learner was awarded a mark, this mark will be remove from his/her overall score.
If you add a new question, as the learner wouldn't have seen it and therefore didn't answer, it will be given a zero mark for it.

Unlike Live Edit, this form of Editing can only modify the content of an activity, as opposed to the structure of a sequence.


The Assessment Statistics screen displays a list of all learners who have attempted the assessment and their total mark for the activity.