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Branching Tool Monitoring

Summary Tab

When a monitor double-clicks a branching object on the Summary Tab, it expands to display the activities inside, just like on the authoring canvas.
The monitor can then open the individual activities within the branching object to view the summary pages for those activities.

(warning) Live Edit cannot be used to modify the Branching if a learner has already entered the a Branch.

Learner Tab

Click to expand thumbnail.

On the Learner tab, a the Branching Activity may again be expanded to display all the activities it contains. However, only the branches that have been completed by the particular learner being viewed can be displayed.

For example, in the image at Left, the Learner has only completed Branch One - the activity can be opened to view the Learner responses. Branches Two and Three cannot be opened, since the learner has not attempted those Branches.

Portfolio Export

Click to expand thumbnail.

When a portfolio is created from a sequence containing a Branching Object, either Single Learner or Entire Class, the Portfolio for each learner contains only the activites from the branches they attempted.

For example, the image at left displays the portfolio for the Learner shown above. Similarly, only the activities from Branch One are available in the portfolio.

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