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Grouping in the Monitoring Environment

In the monitoring environment, when the Grouping Activity is opened, from either the Sequence tab or the Learners tab, a new window opens displaying the group names and the Learners assigned to those groups.

Creating Custom Groups

View of the Grouping Selection screen in Monitor.

If a sequence author has specified that a Grouping activity should be chosen in the monitoring environment, the Monitor will see that a grouping selection must be made in the Required Tasks section of the Lessons tab. Alternatively, if custom grouping has been selected, the Grouping Icon on the Sequence tab can be double-clicked to open the same screen.

Instructions for Selecting Groups: Place the lesson participants in their groups. Initially Learners can be added and removed from groups, but once the grouping activity is activated (that is, a learner starts an activity that uses the grouping) the groups cannot be changed. To create a new group, the monitor should type in group name and click Add Group. This should be repeated as often as required. To add Learners to a group, the Monitor selects them from the list of students in the second column and then clicks Add Selected to Groups.

Custom Groupings Using Integrations

Please read this section if you are running LAMS integrated with another LMS.

When running a LAMS-Only environment (i.e. not using an LMS integration, LAMS will display all of the learners who have access to the sequence in the Grouping page. This allows sequence monitors to create and assign groups before beginning the sequence.

However, when LAMS is integrated with another LMS, such as Moodle or Sakai, the Custom Grouping screen will only display the names of the Learners who have opened the LAMS sequence from the integrated LMS. In practice, this means that monitors are unable to create and assign groups to Learners using an integration before the Learners begin the sequence. The Learners using the Integration module must access the sequence from the link in the integration so their information is added to LAMS.

For more information, view this discussion on the LAMS Community.

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