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Multiple Choice

The Multiple Choice activity allows teachers to create simple automated assessment questions, including multiple choice and true/false questions.
These questions can be used for summative assessment with scores, or formative assessment with feedback.

Teaching and Learning with the MCQ Activity.

Multiple Choice Activity Authoring

All properties sheets contain two tabs:

  • The Basic tab controls the content of the activity.
  • The Advanced tab controls how the activity behaves.
  • An additional Conditions tab is visible where the activity allows Authors to customise the activity outputs for branching or grouping operations.

Basic tab for the Multiple Choice Activity

View of the Multiple Choice Activity Basic tab.

Creating a new MC Question.

There are two features on the basic tab common to all activities:

  • Title: All Activities have a web page title which is presented at the top of the activity page when displayed in the Learning Environment. This is NOT the same title as the Title that can be set using the Properties Inspector.
  • Instructions: All Activities have a text area that is presented beneath the title. This is where the main activity text to be displayed to learners is entered. The text can be formatted using the Rich-Text Editor. Image, Video, Audio and URL content can also be displayed in the Instructions area.

Specific Features for the Multiple Choice Activity

Multiple Choice Questions
  • To create a new Question, click "+ Create Question" at the bottom of the page.
  • Question text: This is the actual question to be answered, or the "Stem."
  • Choices: The text of each individual answer should be entered in an answer box.
    • To create a new answer option, click "Add blank answer".
    • The correct answer is designated by selecting the "Correct" radio button that corresponds to the correct answer.
    • To change the order in which answers are displayed, use the Green up and down arrows. (You can also shuffle the order in which answer appear on the Advanced tab.)
    • To delete an answer, click the Red cross.
    • Each question can then be allocated a numeric weighting, from 1 to 10.
    • Question Feedback: This is optional text that will be shown alongside this question after the "Test" is completed by the Learner.

Advanced tab for the Multiple Choice Activity

View of the Multiple Choice Activity Advanced tab.


  • Use leaders from Select Leader tool: This feature must be used only if there's a Leader activity before this activity.
  • Add Notebook... : This option is available on all Activities. Enabling this option creates a Notebook as part of the Activity, which Learner's can use to reflect on the activity just completed. The reflections are personal (ie: not shared with other learners).

(warning) Note that the Multiple Choice Activity cannot be "Locked When Finished" as the learner must submit their scores when they have completed the activity.

Advanced Features Specific to the Multiple Choice Activity

  • Prefix sequential letters for each answer: This feature displays the prefix of a), b), c) ... before answers*.*
  • One Question per Page:
    When enabled, this option means that the activity will display one MC question at a time, instead of a list of all the questions. This option is disabled by default.
  • Show Group's top and average mark:
    This feature displays statistics on the top mark and average mark to each individual learner.
    The statistics are calculated when the Learner completes the Quiz by clicking Continue, but can be updated by clicking the Resume button on the Progress Bar.
    The default setting is Off.
  • *Present Answers in Randomised Order: *
    This option, when enabled, simply shuffles the order of the responses to each question. This is useful if Learners will be taking the quiz in an environment where they can see other Learner's screens. The default setting is Off.
  • *Display Answers after Last Question: *
    As an extension of the previous option, sequence authors can choose to hide the correct responses to the Multiple Choice Quiz. This prevents one Learner from completing the Quiz and revealing the correct answers to the rest of the class. The default setting is On.
    This option is enabled by default, but disabling this option adds a button to the Monitoring environment which "unlocks" the correct answers for Learners.
    Monitors can choose to display the correct answers at any time during the running of sequence, or even choose to withhold the correct answers from Learners indefinitely.
  • Allow Retries:
    When enabled, learner's can re-take the quiz.
  • Pass Mark:
    This option sets the required number of correct responses for the learner to 'pass' the multiple choice quiz. Learner's re-take the quiz until they achieve the specified score.

Conditions Specific to the Multiple Choice Activity

The Multiple Choice activity has no conditions tab, but features two specific conditions that can be used by branching objects.
These are not configured on the Multiple Choice activity, but relate to each individual or branching activity.

  • Are Learner's Answer's All Correct?
    This is a true or false value that indicates whether a learner has answered all of the questions correctly, or not.
    For branching, an author could set up conditions so that all users who get 100% go to one branch, whereas the other users go to another branch. The marks are checked when the user reaches the branching point.
    Internationalisation key (for translators): output.desc.learner.all.correct
  • Learner's Total Mark
    This is a custom range value, that represents the total number of questions the learner answered correctly.
    For branching, an author could set up conditions so that all users who have 0 to 3 marks on a quiz worth 10 go to one branch, whereas the users who have 4 to 10 marks go to another branch. The marks are checked when the user reaches the branching point.
    Internationalisation key (for translators): output.desc.learner.mark

Monitoring Multiple Choice

Summary Tab

The Multiple Choice Summary tab provides Monitors with the list of questions and answers in the activity, with the correct answer indicated.
It also displays the total marks for each learner who has attempted the activity. Monitor can save marks using the option: Download Marks.

(star) In LAMS 2.1, the Summary tab also contains the command to make the correct answers visible to Learners. This can be applied to the activity as a whole, or based on individual groupings (if a grouping has been applied to the quiz.) See the Authoring section above for more details.

Monitor can also display what was entered by the Learners using a grey button View in the Notebook Entry tab.

In the Summary Tab is a possibility that the Monitor can check the Advanced settings and set Deadline.

Edit Activity

Clicking the Edit Activity button opens a new screen identical to the _'Basic'_tab in the authoring environment. In the current version of LAMS (2.5), Editing can only be performed on activities that students have not yet reached.

Unlike Live Edit, this form of Editing can only modify the content of an activity, as opposed to the structure of a sequence.


The Multiple Choice Statistics tab presents a breakdown on the number of Learners who have attempted and finished the activity.