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Using the Mind Map Tool

Node Permissions

When using the mind map, you can only modify, move or delete nodes that you have created.

Zooming and Scrolling

The mind map will scroll automatically as you move the mouse around the screen. Alternatively, you can click-and-drag the mind map canvas to view a specific point on the mind map.

Using the zoom controls at the bottom of the mind map allows you to zoom in and out to change your perspective of the mind map.

To expand or contract a parent node (ie, hide all of its children), mouseover the node and click the minus sign ( - )

Adding New Nodes

To add a new node, click the arrow on the parent node where you want the thought to appear.
When adding new nodes to the mindmap, the layout of the mind map will automatically update to best display all of the nodes.

Editing Nodes

To change the text inside a node, simply click inside it.

Changing the Colour of a Node

To change a node's colour, mouse-over the node and click the on the colour wheel.
You can then select a new colour from the wheel.

Moving a Node

You can only move existing nodes from within the authoring environment.

To move an existing node, click the hand and drag the node to where you want to move to. The Mindmap tool will highlight the target node for moving.
(i)You can move a parent node and all it's children at once.
The image below shows moving a parent and it's children.

Unknown macro: {center}

Click for larger view.

Deleting a Node

To delete a node, click the above the node for deletion, then confirm by clicking Yes.

Unknown macro: {center}

Click for larger view.

(warning) You cannot delete a node that has children; to delete a parent node and all it's children, delete each child first, then delete the parent.

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