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Pixlr Activity Learner's Guide

The first screen displayed in the Pixlr activity shows the image uploaded to the sequence for Learners to edit.
Learners click on Edit Image in Pixlr to open the image for editing.

The Pixlr window will open, and the site will automatically fetch the image from LAMS.
Learners can make all sorts of changes to the image using the Pixlr tools.

Pixlr Help Guide

Click here to read the Pixlr manual, which describes all the tools and effects available.

Once Learners have made their changes, they can click Save to send the modified image back to LAMS, or save a copy to their local hard drive.

Back in LAMS, the activity displays a thumbnail of the modified image.
Learners can submit this image, open the image in Pixlr again for further editing, or view the submissions from other learners.

Learners can preview responses from other Learners.
(Where the Pixlr activity is part of a group or branch, only the images from learners on the same group or branch will be displayed.)

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