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Video Recorder Tool

The LAMS Video Recorder tool allows authors to records instructions for their learners and embed them into a sequence.

The Video Recorder comes as a seperate activity, which allows learners to upload their own videos and optionally comment and rate on each others recordings,
and the tool also includes a FCKEditor plugin, which allows Authors to record a video and insert it into any activity they choose.

Showing the FCK video recording plugin.
This is Paul - he writes code.

Configuring a Red5 Media Server.

The Video Recording tool requires a Red5 media server. Here's the information for installation and configuration of Red5 for LAMS.

Learning Library Management

To enable the use of the standalone Video Recorder, a System Administrator must enable the use of the tool. (These instructions apply to LAMS v2.3 and above.)

  1. Click System Administration
  2. Click Learning Library Management
  3. Find the 'Video Recorder' line and click Enable.
  4. The Video Recorder activity will now be available in the Authoring environment.

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Authoring with the Video Recorder

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Click to expand/contract.

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Video Recorder Activity Authoring

All properties sheets contain three tabs:

  • The Basic tab controls the content of the activity.
  • The Advanced tab controls how the activity behaves.
  • The Instructions tab allows authors to comment on the activity itself.
  • An additional Conditions tab is visible where the activity allows Authors to customise the activity outputs for branching or grouping operations.

Basic tab for the Video Recorder Activity

View of the Video Recorder Activity Basic tab.

There are two features on the basic tab common to all activities:

  • Title: All Activities have a web page title which is presented at the top of the activity page when displayed in the Learning Environment. This is NOT the same title as the Title that can be set using the Properties Inspector.
  • Instructions: All Activities have a text area that is presented beneath the title. This is where the main activity text to be displayed to learners is entered. The text can be formatted using the Rich-Text Editor. Image, Video, Audio and URL content can also be displayed in the Instructions area.

Specific Feature for the Video Recorder Activity

  • Record Video: beneath the instructions field is the video recorder itself. This allows Authors to record video from a webcam and play it back directly in LAMS.
    • To begin recording, click the Record button and record your message.

You may need to allow the flash plugin to record video from your webcam. Just click 'allow' when prompted if this is the case.

Advanced tab for the Video Recorder Activity

View of the Video Recorder Activity Advanced tab.

  • Lock When Finished:
    • When the Video Recorder is locked, learners will not be able to upload, rate, or comment on videos once they have clicked "Next Activity and moved on in the sequence.
      Learners can still return to the sequence using the Progress bar and view the videos and comments.
  • Add Notebook... : This option is available on all Activities. Enabling this option on Video Recorder prevents learners from adding more files to the activity. Once Learners click 'Finish', the activity is marked as Read Only for that learner.
    Learners can still return to the activity using the progress bar to view their uploaded files.

Advanced Features Specific to the Video Recorder Activity

  • Allow the Use of Microphone Recording: Enables or disables sound recording for learners.
  • Allow the use of Camera Recording: Enables or disables video recording for learners.
  • Allow learners to see each others recordings: In some cases, the author may want to keep learner's recordings private, and in other situations, the tool may be collaborative.
    The next two options are only available if learners are allowed to view each others videos.
    • Allow comments: Enables or Disables the commenting interface for other learners videos.
    • Allow ratings: Enables or Disables the rating interface for other learners videos.
  • Locally include recordings in Export Portfolio
    This option specifies whether or not the Author and Learner's recordings are stored in the .ZIP file that is exported for the activity.
    • If selected, the video is saved inside the .ZIP as an .FLV movie, and is viewable from the portfolio.
    • If deselected, the video is hyperlinked from the portfolio, and learners must connect to the LAMS server where the video was recorded to view them again.
  • Export all recordings on Export Portfolio
    • When enabled, this option saves every recording from the author and each learner in each individual portfolio.

      This can generate quite large portfolio file sizes.

    • When disabled, only the recordings from the sequence Author and the Learner's own recordings are exported.

Obviously, in some cases there may be copyright restrictions on the downloading of the uploaded videos. Use of the two options above allows authors/monitors to help protect student's creative rights.

Instructions Tab

View of the Instructions tab. This is the same for all activities.

The Instructions tab contains the same features for all Activities.

It allows the Author to create specific instructions for the activity, as well as upload files that may be useful for running the activity (ie: support documents, etc.). It is a resource that can be used by teachers who are running the sequence for their learners. (In the Monitoring Environment, the Instructions for an Activity can be viewed by double clicking the activity on the Sequence tab and then selecting the Instructions tab.

The instructions can be retrieved by other authors who open the activity, or by monitors running the sequence.

There are two types of Instruction possible, Offline and Online, depending on the mode that the teacher wishes to run the activity. The feature is useful for teachers who are sharing sequences with their colleagues as it provides an area where the Author can deVideo Recorder any learning objectives and/or the specific purpose of the activity.

Branching Conditions for Video Recorder

Adding Text-Based Conditions to an Activity

Most activities now support text-based conditions. This means that learners can be assigned to groups or streamed to different branches according to their responses to an Activity.

  • To add a new condition to an activity, first click the Conditions Tab at the top of the screen, then click Add Condition.
    • A unique name must be given to each condition created for the activity. It's best practice to relate the name to what the condition is testing for, such as: "Answered Blue" or "Mentioned Oxygen".
  • For each condition, there are several options for how to search the Learners responses:
    • Have all of these words: will seperate the learners who have entered each of the given words as part of their response.
    • Have this exact wording: will seperate the learners who have entered the exact phrase as part their response.
    • Have none of these words: will seperate the learners who have mentioned at least one of the given words as part of their response.
    • Have none of these unwanted words: seperates the learners who have not mentioned any of the given words.
  • These rules can be used simultaneously, and also can be applied to one or more seperate questions.

Text-based conditions are not case sensitive. That is, searching for 'Sheep' will return both 'sheep' and 'Sheep'


Conditions can be very specific:
To separate the learners who have replied with Foo and Bar in their response:

have all these words:

foo bar

have this exact wording or phrasing:


have one or more of these words:


have none of these unwanted words:


... less specific...
To separate the learners who have replied with either Foo or Bar:

have all these words:


have this exact wording or phrasing:


have one or more of these words:

foo bar

have none of these unwanted words:


... and very complex!
To separate the learners who have:

  • replied Foo
  • replied Bat or Bar
  • but not replied with Foobar

have all these words:


have this exact wording or phrasing:


have one or more of these words:

bat bar

have none of these unwanted words:


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Learning with the Video Recorder

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Click to expand/contract.

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Learning with the Video Recorder Tool

The Video Recorder tool in LAMS allows you to upload recorded videos of yourself, viewable by your teacher and classmates.
In some activities, you may also be allowed to rate and comment on your classmate's videos.

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Click for larger view.

Watching an Instructor's Video

When you first reach the activity, your instructor may have left a video message for you. To view this message, click the button under the video window.

Recording Your Own Video

To record your own video, use the Recording Controls at the bottom-right of your screen.

  • View Camera takes the picture from your webcam and displays a Preview.
  • Start Recording begins filming.
    • (Click Stop Recording to end the take.)

You need to give your recording a name and write a quick description.

Viewing other Recordings

On some video recorder activities, you may be allowed to view the recordings made by your classmates.

The recordings from your class will appear in the Videos: list, at the right of the screen.

To view a video, click it, and then click underneath the video window.

Beneath the video, you may also be allowed to add comments and give star ratings.

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Monitoring with the Video Recorder

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Click to expand/contract.

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Video Recorder Monitoring

Summary Screen

View of the video Recorder Monitoring Summary tab.

The Summary Tab for the Video Recorder allows the Monitor to view learner submissions for the activity as they are recorded and uploaded.
Sequence monitors can also record their own messages for students, and where necessary, delete submissions.

Monitors cannot rate or comment on video submissions.


View of the Monitoring Instructions tab.

In the Authoring Environment, Authors can use the Instructions Space to attach support files for a specific activity, or leave comments for othe Monitors about how a given activity should be run.

These comments and files can be viewed from here - the Instructions Tab.

Edit Activity

Clicking the Edit Activity button opens a new screen identical to the 'Basic' tab in the authoring environment - this allows monitors to make changes to the content of the activity while the sequence is running.

If a learner has already begun the activity, LAMS will display this warning:

Warning: One of more learners have accessed this activity. Changing this content will result in learners getting different information.

(info) Note: Selecting Edit Activity only allows editing of the content of this activity. To modify the sequence structure, the Monitor must use Live Edit on the Sequence tab in Monitoring.


The Video Recorder stastistics screen simply displays a breakdown of the number of learners in each group (or whole lesson) compared with the number of learners who have completed the activity.

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