Video Recorder Tool

The LAMS Video Recorder tool allows authors to records instructions for their learners and embed them into a sequence.

The Video Recorder comes as a seperate activity, which allows learners to upload their own videos and optionally comment and rate on each others recordings,
and the tool also includes a FCKEditor plugin, which allows Authors to record a video and insert it into any activity they choose.

Showing the FCK video recording plugin.
This is Paul - he writes code.
Configuring a Red5 Media Server.
The Video Recording tool requires a Red5 media server. Here's the information for installation and configuration of Red5 for LAMS.
Learning Library Management
To enable the use of the standalone Video Recorder, a System Administrator must enable the use of the tool. (These instructions apply to LAMS v2.3 and above.)
  1. Click System Administration
  2. Click Learning Library Management
  3. Find the 'Video Recorder' line and click Enable.
  4. The Video Recorder activity will now be available in the Authoring environment.

Authoring with the Video Recorder

Click to expand/contract.

Learning with the Video Recorder

Click to expand/contract.

Monitoring with the Video Recorder

Click to expand/contract.


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