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Voting Activity Authoring

All properties sheets contain three tabs:

  • The Basic tab controls the content of the activity.
  • The Advanced tab controls how the activity behaves.
  • The Instructions tab allows authors to comment on the activity itself.

(info) The Voting activity has no conditions tab. For more on configuring the Voting tool with Branching, see the conditions section below..

Basic tab for the Voting Activity

View of the Voting Activity Basic tab.

There are two features on the basic tab common to all activities:

  • Title: All Activities have a web page title which is presented at the top of the activity page when displayed in the Learning Environment. This is NOT the same title as the Title that can be set using the Properties Inspector.
  • Instructions: All Activities have a text area that is presented beneath the title. This is where the main activity text to be displayed to learners is entered. The text can be formatted using the Rich-Text Editor. Image, Video, Audio and URL content can also be displayed in the Instructions area.

Specific Features for the Voting Activity

  • Nominations
    Nominations define the voting choices presented to Learners.
    • To Create a new nomination click +Create Nomination.
    • To Edit an existing nomination click the Pencil.
    • You can change the order in which nominations appear using the Green Arrows.
    • To Delete an existing nomination, use the Red Cross.

Advanced tab for the Voting Activity

View of the Voting Activity Advanced tab.

  • Lock when finished: Enabling this option in Voting means that once Learners have selected their nominations and Click Next Activity, their Vote is final.
    Learners can still view the Voting Activity by using the Progress bar.
    If this option is disabled, Learners will be able to change their votes by opening the voting activity through the progress bar, until the sequence is stopped by a monitor.
  • Add Notebook... : This option is available on all Activities. Enabling this option creates a Notebook as part of the Activity, which Learner's can use to reflect on the activity just completed. The reflections are personal (ie: not shared with other learners).

Advanced Features Specific to the Voting Activity

  • Allow Text Entry: When enabled, this option allows learners to Create and Select their own nomination. Other learners cannot choose this nomination, but can create their own entry to choose.
    If disabled, Learners may only nominate from the choices specified in the authoring environment.
  • Max Votes: specifies the maximum number of votes an individual learner may cast.
  • Min Votes: specifies the minimum number of votes an individual learner may cast.
  • Display Overall Results: When this feature is enabled, the activity will allow the Learners to see the accumulated marks for the activity once they have voted.
    • Note: the results will only be as current as to time when the learner submitted their vote. To see the final results, learners should return to the activity via the progress bar once all learners have voted.
      Alternatively, a synchronise gate can be placed after the Voting to make sure that all learners have voted before the sequence progresses.

Instructions Tab

View of the Instructions tab. This is the same for all activities.

The Instructions tab contains the same features for all Activities.

It allows the Author to create specific instructions for the activity, as well as upload files that may be useful for running the activity (ie: support documents, etc.). It is a resource that can be used by teachers who are running the sequence for their learners. (In the Monitoring Environment, the Instructions for an Activity can be viewed by double clicking the activity on the Sequence tab and then selecting the Instructions tab.

The instructions can be retrieved by other authors who open the activity, or by monitors running the sequence.

There are two types of Instruction possible, Offline and Online, depending on the mode that the teacher wishes to run the activity. The feature is useful for teachers who are sharing sequences with their colleagues as it provides an area where the Author can describe any learning objectives and/or the specific purpose of the activity.

Branching Conditions Specific to the Voting Activity

The Voting activity has no conditions tab. All Branching behaviour is configured in the Properties Inspector for each connected Tool-Based Branching.

When a Branching activity is based on the Outputs from a Voting activity, the sequence author can choose to stream Learners along a branch based on their nomination choice.


  • Learners who select 'Nomination One' are streamed along Branch A.
  • Learners who select 'Nomination Two' are streamed along Branch B.

Please see Authoring Tool Based Branching for details on how to set this up.

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